Variety Pack - Multi Serve (8-pack)


This variety pack delivers all the powerhouse flavors in one shipment.  Each pack contains the below:

*NEW* Tigernut Cookies N Creme - Reminiscent of your favorite childhood treat, this flavor combines detoxifying activated charcoal with prebiotic rich tigernut flour and adaptogenic mucuna pruriens to leave your gut as happy as your taste buds. QUANTITY: 2

Saffron Chai Spice - an exotic delicacy worth it’s weight in gold, saffron has been coveted for centuries for it’s medicinal and aphrodisiacal properties. Together with cardamom, cinnamon, and rosewater - this flavor gives pumpkin spice lattes a run for their money. QUANTITY: 1

Coconut Salted Caramel - our bestselling sweet and salty indulgence, a creamy base of raw young coconut gives way to the perfect balance of sweet, low glycemic coconut sugar and mineral rich Himalayan pink salt. QUANTITY: 2

Matcha Mint Chip - a noteworthy spin on a mint classic, this creamy gelato infuses peppermint essential oil, ceremonial grade matcha, and chunks of handcrafted raw vegan chocolate promoting enhanced digestion and relaxation of the mind and body. QUANTITY: 2

Chaga Chocolate - a chocolate lover’s dream, this adaptogenic gelato combines the powerhouse bliss molecules of raw cacao with hormone balancing maca and antioxidant rich chaga mushroom to deliver nothing short of magic. QUANTITY: 1


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