Growing up I suffered severe cases of both asthma and allergies. Every doctor told me this was just the way I was born and I would need to rely on medications for the rest of my life.

It wasn’t until 20 YEARS later that I embarked on a plant-based/raw food diet while living in Bali and within 2 weeks, my body had completely healed itself of everything - without any medication. It was here I first discovered the powerful truth that our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves, as long as we nourish them with the right things: proper foods, movements, thoughts and environments.

I realized not only was I not born with these conditions, I had unknowingly been giving myself these conditions through the foods I had been eating my whole life (processed food, sugar, dairy, etc.) - and let me be very clear: no doctor had ever inquired about my diet.

This rapid and complete healing that took place simply by changing my diet for 2 weeks was so profound to me that I quit my job, sold all my possessions, went back to school for nutrition and dedicated my life to empowering more individuals to heal holistically.

After years of tremendous results working one-on-one with individuals, I felt called to create greater change by targeting the root of the issue: the food being offered to consumers.
By tackling the most dairy/sugar laden category there is: ice cream, Sacred Serve was born.

We’re on a mission to bring function into frozen indulgence and prove that all food can, and should, be more healing than harmful.

Kailey Donewald ● Founder

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All ingredients are chosen first and foremost for their health-promoting properties. We incorporate potent superfoods, adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms through a cold-crafted process designed to preserve critical micronutrients within our plant-based ingredients to yield a higher nutrient-density and bioavailability.


We are one of the very first to work with young Thai coconut meat for our base. Not only is it packed with all 5 essential electrolytes, healthy MCTs, and a host of important nutrients, it also yields a super rich and creamy texture (thanks to its fiber content) without us having to rely on high fat/sugar ratios or gums/stabilizers.


We exist to serve the community and share the wisdom of Mother Nature and her sacred plants. Our ingredients and recipe combinations are designed to promote healing within the body and prompt curiosity for using food as medicine. We work alongside Ayurvedic doctors and holistic health practitioners to maximize efficacy and ensure proper sourcing.


We respect Mother Earth, and we want our products to do so as well. We are one of the very first in our category to offer 100% recyclable/compostable/biodegradable packaging. We designed our package without a lid to use less material and to minimize waste. Our gelato uses only organic and fair-trade ingredients, and they are always 100% vegan.