Tigernut Cookies N Creme

  • 8 cartons x 10 fl. oz.
    (80 fl. oz. total)


Reminiscent of your favorite childhood treat, this flavor combines detoxifying activated charcoal with prebiotic rich tigernut flour and adaptogenic mucuna pruriens to leave your gut as happy as your taste buds.


P O W E R E D   B Y 

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL // detoxifying + digestive support
TIGERNUT FLOUR // prebiotic + immune support
MUCUNA // aphrodisiac + L-Dopa (ignites brain's pleasure centers)

I N G R E D I E N T S 

Filtered water, young Thai coconut meat*, unrefined coconut sugar*, tigernut flour*, Madagascar vanilla bean*, Himalayan pink salt*, mucuna pruriens seed extract*, activated charcoal*, sunflower lecithin*, citrus fiber.


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